2024 Spring Stillwater Pickleball

Pickleball is a fun sport, easy to learn and play with friends or family.  Please see class descriptions below before registering


Intro to Pickleball

Players learn technique, positioning, rules and scoring.  By the end of the first class you will be able to play a pickleball game.


Advanced Beginner Pickleball

Players have have basics of serving understand, but bay still need reminders

The players in this group have basic technique, but are interested in improving

Athletes of the Advanced Beginner class are starting to become comfortable transitioning and will develop the technical and tactical priorities to come to net more effective and efficiently 


Intermediate Pickleball

Players have attended an Intro or Beginner Pickleball class and/or can successfully

Keep score

Understand and apply proper positioning

Understand the rules

Understand basic strategies and technique


Create your own lesson

Some of our most popular classes are 3 & a Pro

or 60 - 90 Minute Social Intro to Pickleball Lessons


For 3 and a Pro the Coach plays in with 3 working on doubles


with the 60 - 90 Minute Social Intro to Pickleball Classes there is room for up to 8 players.  This is usually done with 4 couples.  Paddles are provided and we always have plenty of balls for our groups.



For pickleball registration please use form below.  Please note previous classes have filled up and sold out.  If a class is sold out additional classes may addded.  If your class is sold out please contact tim@stillwatertenis.com


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