2020 Stillwater Fall Youth Tennis



Please contact Coach Tim for questions, class placement and evaluations.



Each class has a Min/Max of 4/8

Yellow   12 - 15   3:30 - 5 PM

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Yellow Tuesdays


Performance   Invitation Only   4 - 6 PM

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Performance Wednesdays


Lesson Guidelines and Precautions

Please note the guidelines and precautions may change at any point due to current situations improving or decreasing


  1. Lessons & Classes will be with no more than 4 players per court
  2. Tennis carts and baskets will be cleaned after each lesson.
  3. If feeling ill please stay home.
  4. Please bring your own drinks.  Drinks will not be provided or shared.
  5. Please no food on the court.
  6. Please take your garbage and belongings with you after your lesson or class is complete.
  7. When 2 or more players are attending at the same time please practice social distancing at all times.  Please place drinks and other personal items on court with social distancing space in mind.  The coach will help youth with social distancing and space upon entering courts for class or lesson.
  8. Please wash hands or use hand sanitzer directly before entering and exiting the courts.
  9. Classes are limited to 8 players that will be spread out on 2 courts.


  1. Classes missed due to inclement weather are not made up.  An additional free day is part of each registration, the last week.  Please see more info in the terms and conditions on registration page.
  2. No pro-rating will be avaialbe at this time due to limited classes and times.  If classes do not fill, pro-rating may be an option.
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