Youth tennis is offered in the Spring, Summer & Fall.  Please see PDFs for more detailed information.

Stillwater Spring Tennis

Stillwater's spring season has been delayed due to COVID-19.  Our hope is the return to the courts this spring once Federal, State and Local government mandates allow.  Once returning to the courts we will be practicing CDC guidelines and best coaching practices.



Due to the delay of the spring season and change to schedule there will be updates to the discounted amounts and dates.

Naperville Junior Summer Tennis League

The season has ended and the players from Stillwater had a great season.  Please see this year's end of season results along with past years.

Past Stillwater NSJTL Results


HS Team Cup Finalists

Anika Bansal, Megan Engstrom, Anika Bansal, Vera Song & Cory Yoo

JH Team Cup Champions

Aditya Bansal, Rudy Shen, Renata Solis & Phoebe Yu

JH Boys Doubles Champions-Ege Tunar & Rudy Shen



HS Team Cup Finalists

Megan, Engstrom, Betsy George, Ethan Lynde, Varun Ramasubbu, Avik Vaish & Nick Nassos

JH Team Cup Champions

Vera Song, Cary George, Emilio Salgado & Rudy Shen

HS Boys Doubles Champions-Ethan Lynde & Tyler Yu

JH Boys Doubles Finalists-Alp & Ege Tunar

HS Girls Singles Champion-Riya Garapati

JH Girls Singles Champion-Renata Solis

JH Girls Singles Finalist-Ishani Garapati

JH Boys Singles Finalist-Ege Tunar




HS Team Cup Finalists

Atharva Shinde, Blake Adams, Ritvik Manda, Jared Malek & Owen Stemen

JH Team Cup Finalists

Jack Covey, Jonah Grover, Ethan Lynde, Justin Nonnemann & Tyler Yu

JH Boys Doubles Champions-Peter Messina & Jonah Grover 
JH Boys Doubles Finalists-Tyler Yu & Jack Covey 
JH Girls Doubles 2nd Place-Phoebe Yu & Abby Freeburger 
HS Boys Singles Finalist-Evan Brewer 
HS Girls Singles Finalist-Riya Garapati
HS Boys Consolation Champion-Nick Nassos 
HS Girls Consolation Champion-Megan Engstrom
JH Boys Singles Finalist-Peter Messina 
JH Boys Singles Consolation Champion-Jonah Grover 




HS Team Cup Champions

    Atharva Shinde, Blake Adams, Connor Tenny, Jared Malek & Owen Stemen

HS Boys Doubles Champions-Jared Malek & Atharva Shinde 

HS Boys Doubles Finalists-Owen Stemen & Blake Adams Boys

JH Doubles Champions-Peter Messina & Tyler Freeburger Shinde Boys 

JH Doubles Finalists-Tyler Yu & Ethan Lynde Boys 

HS Girls Doubles Champions-Megan Engstrom & Riya Garapati

Mixed Doubles Champions-Ishani Garapati & Jonah Grover 



HS Team Cup Champions

Nischal Veera, Elliot Stemen, Owen Stemen, Blake Adams & Connor Tenny

HS Team Cup Finalists

Rahil Dalwani, Noah Kim, Eric Tian & Evan Brewer

JH Girls Doubles Finalists-Megan Engstrom & Gianna Malek 

HS Boys Doubles Champions-Owen Stemen & Nolan George 

HS Boys Doubles Finalists-Druv Vohra & Nischal Veera 

JH Girls Singles Finalist-Riya Garapati 

JH Boys Singles Champion-Ryan Riemer 

HS Boys Singles Champion-Druv Vohra



3rd Place 10&U Green Ball Tournament-Tyler Yu 

HS Boys Doubles Champions-Hayden Sass & Elliot Kozal 

HS Boys Doubles Finalists-Owen Stemen & Nolan George 

JH Boys Doubles Finalists-Nick Nassos & Megan Wu 

HS Boys Singles Champion-Hayden Sass 

JH Boys Singles Finalist-Ryan Riemer 



Sportsmanship Award & 3rd Place in inaugural 10&Under Tournament-Tyler Yu



JH Team Cup Challenge Champions

Druv Vohra, Blake Adams, Owen Stemen & Elliot Stemen

HS Team Cup Finalists

Hayen Sass, Vishnu Rajendran, Caroline, Wang, Elliot Kozal & Lucas Jacobson

Junior High Doubles Champions-Owen and Elliot Stemen



HS Boys Singles Champion-Connor Sass



HS Boys Singles Champion-Naveen Krishnan

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