Tennis FAQs

Q: How many players are in a class?

A: The most in a class are 12 for tennis and 8 for pickleball.  Athletes are spread out and average 4 players to a court.  All players are active and physically engaged.



Q: What is the ratio of coaches to players?

A: 1 coach per 4 players on 1 court for tennis.  A large majority of the time this is 2 players on each side of the net.  Again players are always active and engaged.


Q: What is the makeup policy?

A: All classes canceled due to inclement weather are made up.  Classes cannot be made up into next session, used as credit or transferred to another athlete.


Q: Why are the players often putting the ball into play or self-feeding?

A: There is a time and place for the coach to put the ball into play/feed.  This allows the coach(es) to develop athletes individually while using the most efficent and effective methods.  If the coach always putting the ball in play is unrelastic.  The players need to be able to put the ball into play.  They will hit more balls this way and practice their receive and send skills.  When the coach always feeds the ball, the coach ends up hitting the most balls in the class.  Tennis is a open skilled sport with many variables, the ball never bounches the same way.  The more we practice these open situation, the better


Q: Why are my children performing physical activites in the beginning of class?

A: Tennis is a sport that requires many physical skills.  We focus on the athletic development of ABCS - Agility, Balance, Coordniation and Speed.  These motor skills are needed to perform tennis specific skills.  The physial exercises for the day connect to the tennis skills for the day.


Q: How do the Stillwater Tennis prices compare to other tennis classes in the area?

A: The prices are less expensive than indoor tennis facilities and the local park districts.