Youth Tennis Class Descriptions

Red 1 New to tennis or little experience.  Class may be first intro to sports for athlete.  Athletic Development simple Tennis Skills & FUN will be main focus.

Red 2

Player has some tennis or other sport experience.  Age and athletic background help determine if athlete is ready for this class.  Forehands, Backhands and Serves are main shotS developed and then cooperatively rallied.  Some points are played.
Orange 1 The Orange Player will develop groundstrokes furthur, start to volley at the net, play with the serve and particpate in doubles.  Has particpated in Red 1 and/or Red 2.
Orange 2 Athletes in Orange 2 have tennis expeirence at the Orange level.  Players begin hitting topspin and slice, focus on directional control with rallies and point play.
Green Green players develop all shots. Spins become more important due to increased court size + faster and higher bouncing ball.  Geting to the net and dealing with opponent getting to net recieve increased attention.
Junior High Beginner

Players new to tennis, little expereince or returning to tennis after some time off.  Athletes will learn basic tennis skills of groundstrokes, volleys, serve and return.  Basic strategy and score keeping will be introduced.

Yellow This tennis player has played in the Green or Teenage Beginner class and has Coach Tim's approval.  Topspin and slice usage are increased, serve placement & pace are worked.  Athletes will rally and play many points while the player develops their own individual game.
HS Competitors For current and aspiring HS athletes entering Freshmen - Senior year of HS.  Focus on singles and doubles play with emphasis on shot development and shot selection.
Performance Coach approval required. The Performance player has many years of experience in Tennis and/or Athletics.  This player can hit all shots and has a vast experience in compeition.  This athelte is playing tennis 3+ days a week.
Athletic Development These fun and low cost camps focus on Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed.
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